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1. I have just bought a Codylife product ¿What should I do now?

Scan your QR code or enter at to register. Sometimes you can get wrong number with letters or viceverse. Pay attention to that! Later you’ll must put the password, which is included in your Codylife product. If you have a Codylife Sport Bracelet, the password is the numbering of the stickers that goes with the bracelet inside the blíster. Once you’ve entered the password, you will be able to create a file card or connect it to the one that you had it before, enter your email address and the password you want. Wait until you receive your confirmation email from our service. Click the link you have received and you’ll be able to access to put your data on your file card.

2. I haven`t received the confirmation email .

Do not worry. Check your SPAM or your junk mail. It is possible that your email server have not put this email on your inbox. If you have already checked and the email is not there, contact Codylife through and send a pic of your Codylife product and the password that goes with it, and we will perform the registration process from our offices.
We recommend not to use Hotmail service to register your Codylife product. We suggest you to try with another email account. It is proof that Hotmail is a service extremely restrictive with the automatic messages from other servers. There is a huge percentage that your registration email will go to junk mail or not received it at all.

3. Should I fill all of the fields?

It is not necessary. Nonetheless, remember that your identifier is more effective if it has all the data. One of the most important things is the picture, because it is the main field that identify you with the file card.

4. I don’t want other people read my data.

In order to read your QR code, the person holding the Smartphone has to get close to your code and the mobile phone has to read the QR code for a few seconds. This whole process cannot be done do it without you noticing it. The purpose of the identifier is to help you in case you get unconscious. Moreover, you can enter to your file card and hide the info whenever you want.

5. Is Codylife available in other countries?

The Codylife products are international. The available languages during the whole process are English, French and Spanish. Any foreigner using Codylife for the first time won`t have any problem to register, since the language can be changed. Moreover, the Codylife file card will be automatically displayed in the same language configured for your mobile phone, in order to provide you a better user experience.

6. Can any mobile phone read a QR Code?

Most of the mobile phones support this functionality. You just have to download a QR reader (there are a huge amount of them available for free). Android, iOS. Windows Phone or Blackberry have apps for it. You need an Internet connection (3G, Edge, or wifi) in order to read a QR file card.

7. Can I change my info?

Yo can change it whenever you want. You just have to click the LOGIN button of the top part of your profile and type the password that you chose when you registered the product.

8. Which is the difference between Codylife and others identifiers?

Codylife is part of one of the division that ECI developes. Other products such as Codypet, Codylost, cardMagic or stickMagic show the experience that we have with QR codes. The wide range of possibilities, quality and price of our products make them the most competitive in the market, in a national and worldwide level.

9. Where can I buy Codylife products?

We are in process of expansion, so we hope you can buy them coming soon in your city shops. Until now, the easiest way to buy them is through the online shop or